Intentional Leadership by Judy Nelson | If you are in a leadership role, this is a MUST-read!


Using Strategy in Everything You Do and Say

(Or, How I Learned to Manage My Mouth – ALMOST!)

Think about all those moments you regretted saying something, saying the wrong thing, or saying the right thing but with unkind sarcasm.

Wouldn’t you like to take the words back? Especially if you said them to your boss, a major donor or your best friend?

Managing your mouth is the key. If you put your foot in your mouth regularly like I used to, you will find the lighthearted stories in this book a jumpstart to your self-awareness and better “mouth management.” Had I known some of these concepts earlier, I might have prevented the foot-in-mouth disasters I suffered in my career.

This book is a collection of stories that I’ve written over the last 25 years. Some are funny, some have cartoons to illustrate a point, and others reflect moments of powerful learning. I also tell some stories about disasters. Not those kind of disasters! Nobody died. But there was respect that was lost, as well as reputations that were tarnished and goals that were thwarted. All these unintended negative consequences resulted from UNintentional leadership.

Have I figured it all out and learned to manage my mouth all the time? Not quite. However, after 30 years as a CEO and through 10 as an executive coach, the number of regrets over something I said have diminished dramatically.

Written primarily for new and aspiring leaders, the book also contains insights for all leaders.


Praise for Intentional Leadership

Pierce J. Howard, Ph.D. Co-Author, The Owner’s Manual for Personality at Work
If the leadership cloak fits, wear it!

“Most leadership books–and many pepper the shelves–emphasize a particular model of leadership. I favor leadership discussions that emphasize individual differences, and how the many variations of traits, values, and abilities among would-be leaders may affect different aspects of leadership. Everyone can be a leader if they desire, but they need to know how their unique personalities represent both strengths and weaknesses depending on specific leadership tasks. Coach Judy’s Intentional Leadership takes on this challenge and leads leaders to an understanding between the fit between the person and the task.”

June 26, 2017

Wendy Lazarus
Different, wise, fun!

“I’ve read a lot of books about leadership, but this one is refreshingly different and full of truly valuable wisdom. Judy Nelson draws on experiences from her long and impressive career as well as anecdotes from her personal life to draw out insights that can make you a more effective leader. She has a knack for calling out the big, most consequential aspects of leadership that can help you build and motivate teams and avoid expensive and draining management mistakes. Her insights about working with and managing people are especially strong.

Besides being packed with practical advice, the book is a very fun read. It’s chock full of funny life stories that at first seem totally unrelated to management and leadership and suddenly become teachable and memorable moments for the reader. It’s a quick read and organized so you can pick and choose the parts that are most relevant to you. I highly recommend Intentional Leadership. It’s a unique contribution to a field with loads of resources already.”

June 7, 2017

Teresa Gooch Ross
Real Leadership

“Easy to read and relate too. A must for every leader or someone whose goal is leadership.”

June 7, 2017

Mary Brougher
Judy’s sharp wit and wisdom shine through this amazing book.

“Judy’s sharp wit and wisdom shine through this amazing book. It so enjoyable I finished it in a few days and now will read again to fully absorb and put into practice the information Judy so wisely offers. Judy reflects on her many years in leadership roles and teaches us what she has learned through mistakes and triumphs.

This book not only supports those ready to take the next steps in their career leadership journeys but also guides us through personal self awareness that will assist us in our personal relationships . A must read for anyone ready to lead individuals and/or teams to a level of excellence with grace, humor and authenticity.”

January 6, 2017

Victoria Thurlow
“Highly Recommend”

“Judy’s book is one I expect to dip into repeatedly for guidance and inspiration — regarding leadership and life. (Let’s face it, she inspired me to sign up with a personal trainer after I’d spent just five minutes randomly browsing through her book…and yes, the story in question was related to leadership!) Her comments on leadership are spot-on thought provoking, and supported by anecdotes ‘from the trenches’. Highly Recommend.”

June 1, 2017

Richard Sturgeon
Very Pragmatic and emotionally insightful.

“This is an enjoyable read while offering practical insightful direction to current and would be leaders. Judy clearly demonstrated several techniques and approaches I wish I had used while fulfilling several leadership roles in my career.

An additional gift inside this book is wise guidance to the day to day challenges in one’s personal life. Read Chapter Four at least twice. Her advice about dealing with Jerks will help you outside of work equally well; Fix it, Live with it, or Leave.”

February 1, 2017

Five Stars

“Readable and profound, anyone leading an organization (or aspiring to leadership) must read this!”

May 26, 2017

Eric Nelson
Guaranteed to raise your 360 evaluation scores

“Intentional Leadership is essential reading for anyone who wants to reach his/her full leadership potential. This book should be required reading for anyone who aspires to enter the C-level suite. If you are not a C-level exec, this book tells you how to lead like one- a GREAT one. Guaranteed to raise your 360 evaluation scores regardless of your level.”

April 13, 2017

Terri Lively
I learned how my personality affects my effectiveness in different leadership situations

“This book gives practical advice for understanding why you struggle with things in your professional life and why some things come naturally. Before my exposure to Judy’s writing, I was not aware of how my natural personality traits could enhance or detract from my leadership efforts. Now, I find that Judy’s lessons on leadership echo in my head as I journey through my day. We are somewhat kindred spirits in many ways; so many of Judy’s challenges through the years are the same for me. Not only that, I realized that her reactions to everyday situations in leadership were often the same for me as well. I appreciate the way she shares advice without condescending or preaching. It is a quick read with many interesting personal anecdotes. Also, personally, I love the cartoons!”

April 11, 2017

Judy Scognamillo
Enjoyed everything about this book

“Enjoyed everything about this book. It flowed beautifully allowing the reader to be entertained and educated in leadership at the same time. I loved how the author put her own personal experiences into her book along with the lessons that she learned from each. Very well written.”

February 27, 2017